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Situation in the gastronomy sector

In 2016, the Central Statistical Office estimated the number of gastronomic facilities at 69,195 which marks a growth by 853 (i.e. 1,2%) compared to the previous year. Catering outlets accounted for the largest percentage of the group (35.3%). Bars came second in terms of number (30.1%). The share of restaurants amounted to 28.3% and canteens to 6.3%. A growth was recorded in all categories of gastronomic establishments apart from bars.


From among all types of gastronomic facilities, restaurants recorded the highest growth, with their number increasing by 1,229 compared to 2015, reaching 12,018 in 2016. This trend is visible also in a long term – between 2010 and 2016 the number of restaurants was growing in Poland, while the number of bars followed a downward trend. This means that customers in Poland more often chose higher quality services.


Number of gastronomic facilities
Structure of gastronomic facilities

The year 2016 also saw a substantial increase in revenues from gastronomic activity, with the turnover of the sector reaching almost PLN 35.7 billion. This marks a growth of 13,6% compared to 2015. In 2016, the majority of revenues (80.6 %) came from gastronomic production, while almost one fifth (17.9%) came from sales of commercial goods, including alcohol and cigarettes. The increase in revenues in 2016 was recorded in almost all types of gastronomic activity. The greatest growth rate was recorded in the range other gastronomy activities  (by 17,3 %), and catering production (by 14.3%).


At the same time, in 2016 the number of gastronomic facilities in companies with more than 9 employees amounted to 19,623 which is 5.4% higher than in the previous year. The facilities accounted for over one fourth (28.3%) of all gastronomic facilities operating in Poland and recorded revenues from gastronomic activity amounting to PLN 22.2 billion. The largest number of such facilities is located in Mazowieckie Voivodeship and they also recorded the highest revenues. The subsequent places in terms of revenues belonged to establishments from Dolnośląskie and Małopolskie voivodeships.

Revenues from gastronomic activity (PLN billion)


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