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Principles of ethics in HoReCa sector

“Ethical standard in gastronomy”

The “Ethical standard in gastronomy” programme is a campaign aimed at making the HoReCa sector aware of the significance of ethics in running a gastronomy business, including the necessity of sales fiscalisation and correct settlement of employment taxes, which cause unfair competition when lacking.

The programme is also aimed at drawing clients’ attention to the above-mentioned problems and to the necessity of enforcing fair approaches from the HoReCa sector, for the benefit of the whole society. The “Ethical standard in gastronomy” is implemented under the slogan: “A receipt for the client – fairness to everyone.

The target group of the programme includes all gastronomy workers and owners of gastronomy or catering service providers.

Rules of participation in the “Ethical standard in gastronomy” programme

In order to join the “Ethical standard in gastronomy” programme, you only need to print and sign the “Decalogue of a Gastronomy Professional” available below. Signing this document equals adopting and using the rules included in the Decalogue in your everyday work. You should send a signed and scanned “Decalogue of a Gastronomy Professional” by e-mail:standardetyczny@zphoreca.pl, indicating the following data in your message:

  1. first name and surname of the person signing the “Decalogue of a Gastronomy Professional,”
  2. the company’s name and its NIP and REGON numbers (if applicable),
  3. names of food-serving points (if applicable),
  4. website address,
  5. e-mail for contact,
  6. correspondence address,
  7. number of employed persons (if applicable),
  8. expected numbers of badges and stickers indicating participation in the “Ethical standard in gastronomy” programme.

Each participant of the programme will receive badges and stickers indicating participation in the “Ethical standard in gastronomy” programme. Badges and stickers are free of charge – the participants only have to pay the shipment costs. You can find detailed information on the programme in the Terms and Conditions of the “Ethical standard in gastronomy” Programme.

Decalogue of a Gastronomy Professional

  1. Treat every Client with due attention and respect – there is a reason this Client has chosen you place – you can make the Client visit your place again to show respect for you and your work.
  2. Show good manners to every Client – you represent not only yourself, but also the whole sector.
  3. Treat your employers and working partners as you would wish to be treated – they deserve to be accurately assessed and remunerated for their work.
  4. Pay the salaries timely and as agreed in the respective contracts. Only legally paid remuneration will allow your employers and working partners to make savings or apply for a loan.
  5. Use your stocks only in accordance with their intended purpose – unjustified shortages mean losses that need to be compensated and constitute a clear signal that a control is needed.
  6. Register each sale transaction with a cash register – if you do not register sales, you cheat yourself, your clients, suppliers, banks, and – indirectly – the whole society.
  7. Give every Client a receipt – it is the only evidence confirming that a tax from the sold product and service will be duly paid.
  8. Provide reliable information on your offer – incorrect or incomplete information may infringe the consumer’s interests or the principles of fair competition.
  9. Always respect the law and regulations applicable in your establishment – if you break the rules, in particular by failing to register sale transactions and to give receipts, you may be held criminally accountable and you have to take into the account the risk of a proceedings against you.
  10. If you encounter any irregularities in your establishment or in your competitor’s establishment, notify them to the competent authorities and help solving them for the benefit of everyone.


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