ZP HoReCa – Związek Pracodawców Hoteli, Restauracji i Cateringu


Rules of membership

The membership of the Association of Employers HoReCa (ZP HoReCa) is open to entities operating in the gastronomy sector, i.e. restaurant and bar chains, individually operated restaurants and other catering outlets, as well as entities cooperating with the gastronomy sector.

Key rules of membership of the Association:

  • Members of the Association are represented by their permanent representative or his/her deputy.
  • Members of the Association have an obligation to implement jointly adopted resolutions.
  • Members of the Association can participate in its work and use their results, and also have the right to participate in plenary meetings with the right to vote (every member of the Council has one vote).
  • Membership of the Association does not affect the membership of other groups or organisations.

Benefits from membership of the Association

Membership of the Association ensures:

  • Exchange of experience on conducting gastronomic business
  • Membership of an organisation that takes care of interests of the sector and acts for its development
  • Joint identification of problems and practical challenges in conducting gastronomic business activity in Poland and seeking solutions at the sector level
  • Support and consulting on administrative and legal aspects of the conducted activity
  • Real influence on the position of the Association with respect to issuing opinions and creating legislative solutions, and on practical problems in cooperation with public administration
  • Possibility to participate in trainings organised by the Association on running a gastronomic business

How to become a member of the Association?

* To find out the amount of the fee, please contact the office of the Association.


Association of Employers HoReCa

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